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I certify that the information provided is truthful and complete, and I have not in any way distorted, falsified, or omitted facts that could invalidate this form or influence the landlord’s decision. I understand that making a false statement may result in the lease cancellation and may constitute fraud under section 380 of the Criminal Code, which provides a term of imprisonment among other sanctions. I hereby authorize the landlord and his/her representatives to obtain or exchange my personal information with any personal information agents, financial institutions, employers, landlords, or other institutions, as well as the above-mentioned institutions and persons in order to establish my financial capacity and my ability to meet my lease obligations. I also authorize the landlord personally or his intermediaries to obtain or exchange any relevant information from a past, present and future owner, employer, financial institution, collection agency or other in the event of the existence of a debt and / or judgment in favour of one or other of these persons. My consent to the collection and communication of my personal information is valid for 14 calendar days as of the date of my signing the Rental Application. If a lease is signed, my consent remains valid for three years following the termination of this lease, but only to recover arrears on rent owed or, in compliance with a court ruling, to collect any other lease-related debt.

I hereby agree to sign a lease no later than 3 days after being informed that my Rental Application has been accepted.

A deposit of one month rent plus a refundable security deposit of $500.00 will be paid to the landlord at lease signing to guarantee my choice of unit and cover charges, but are not limited to damage to furniture, appliances, property and other items in the unit during the lease period. The landlord reserves his rights for any other damages incurred in the event that I refuse to sign the lease.

The potential tenant and endorser must produce a valid personal ID with photo.

By submitting this application, I hereby confirm that I have read, understood and accepted providing all the documents attached.